First Bath | Hedgie Land

Yesterday afternoon, Zelda’s travel cage started smelling horrific. Since we are in a hotel and it’s not easy for me to clean her or her cage, I’ve been holding it off until we move into our new house. But, I couldn’t handle it any longer, so I decided to clean it; even if it would be hard  to do so in a tiny hotel bathroom. But, I managed to accomplish my task, with a few minor mishaps.

Before I started the cleaning process, I went out and bought a few things. One, being puppy pads. I needed a more efficient way of cleaning her travel cage, and putting a folded puppy pad on the bottom of the cage would be perfect; as long as she never tried to burrow under it.

I also got a shampoo. Without researching anything, we got The Honest Company‘s shampoo plus body wash from the baby isle. We just assumed that it would be good since it has all natural and pure ingredients. But, when I got back to our hotel, I researched a bit and found out that people were using Aveeno wash or kitty shampoo, because of the gentleness. I also found out that people add some flax seed oil into the last rinse; but I had forgotten to buy some.

I also bough a ¹/₄ of an inch of fleece for her to sleep under. I threw away her tiny pet bed (because we had no way of washing it and it was filthy) and her two old pieces of fleece that she slept with. With just the right amount of fleece that I bought, I was able to push the blanket to one end of her cage, while her food and water bowl was on the other.

Zelda started off bathing in the sink, but she was very against the water; she tried to climb up my arms and eventually got up to my shoulder! She never gave up on trying to escape the sink, and even made it half way up before I caught her. The sink was clearly not working, so I tried the bathtub instead. With Zelda in my hands, I filled up the bathtub. She wasn’t in my hands long, as I put her down into the shallow end of the tub, waiting for the water to reach her. The closer the water came, the further Zelda went. The only spot in the tub that the water touched her the least, was in the corner of the shallow end; she spent most of the time there.

I decided to put my feet in the tub with her, as I was having trouble cleaning her. Once I was in, she discovered my feet and tried to climb up my legs! She failed and I picked her up to relocate her within the tub. After a few minutes, she got a little used to the water and started exploring the tub. Wherever she went, she was still able to walk on the bottom of the tub, and I made sure of it.

I let her explore the tub a little more as I cleaned her cage in the sink. I was completely confident with her in there, because I knew that she couldn’t escape. Here’s a tip: if you have recently gotten a new hedgehog, I greatly recommend you bathing it as soon as possible. This is great bonding time and it will get your hedgie used to your hands. You see, I never bathed her before, and I wish I did sooner. So please, if you’ve recently gotten a new hedgie, bathe it! The tub it a great first-time bath area, but once your hedgie gets used to the water and you’ve bathed it multiple times before, you could always revert to the sink. This will make it easier on you, and faster. But you have to make sure that your hedgie is fine with water and won’t try to escape.

I’ll probably end up doing a step-by-step instructional post on how to bathe your hedgehog, in the near future.

QOTD: What is the worst hedgehog (or another animal) experience you’ve had?



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