The Moment I decided to Start Writing.

Back in 2014, I lived in Colorado with my two best friends; I believe that it was summertime. All that I liked doing was listening to music and binge watching TV shows on Netflix. That was a very lazy summer for me, and I definitely needed something to get my brain thinking.

Because my brothers and I are homeschooled, we are constantly in our house. It’s kind of hard to make friends if you never leave. That’s exactly the reason why we have been in various homeschool groups within our lives.

One afternoon, we had a scheduled homeschool group meetup at the park, and my two best friends were going too. I had no idea what we were going to do or talk about, but I was just excited about leaving the house.

We were at the park for a few hours when one of my best friends, Rebekah, joined me on the swings. We started talking about various things that I do not remember of. I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but we talked about stories that we thought would make great books. Rebekah said that she had an idea for a book, and that she had almost everything planned out. She explained everything to me, and we got overexcited. We got off of the swings and sat on the grass while she explained to me the things she had yet to add into her story. Without thinking, I suggested things that she should’ve added in certain spots, and I really enjoyed it. Before long, she asked me if I wanted to write it with her. Of course I accepted.

We all migrated to my house and we began to start writing ideas down. Jasmyne, Rebekah’s older sister and my other best friend, started joining in too. Soon, we were all writing things down.

When they left, I got started on the first chapter. I don’t think that I’ve ever opened Microsoft Word so fast in my life.

I got very carried away over the next few weeks, and I wrote chapter upon chapter. Of course I added in Jasmyne and Rebekah’s ideas, otherwise it wouldn’t really be their book too.

After a while, they didn’t seem so interested in writing the book with me. So, I continued myself, not even considering their ideas anymore. I would try to ask them little questions about things that I should add, but they would never answer their texts. I mean, they’ve always been bad at answering texts. Even when we did talk, we would never talk about the book. They just didn’t seem as interested in it as I was.

A few months past, and Rebekah finally texts me about the book. But it wasn’t about anything good. She told me that I couldn’t write the book anymore since I was taking control of it. I got really mad about it; all of the hard work and endless hours that I spent on it… gone. The only reason why I took control, was because they weren’t and I thought that the book would never get finished. Guess what? After I stepped out, it never got finished. And, it still isn’t finished two years later.

Rebekah begged me to stop writing it, and I had to. Since I wanted nothing to do with that book or Rebekah at that time, I turned to writing my own book; no one to stop me, no one to tell me how to write it.

That was the only book that I’ve ever finished. I spent the entire summer writing it; staying up late just to finish the chapter. I actually read a few chapters of it last year, but I never finished reading. I thought that my style of writing was horrible, and I didn’t like the use of big words when they weren’t needed. That book was horrible. I mean, it was my first book, and I was still learning. But, I still won’t ever publish it.

Since then, I’ve started many books but have never finished them. But, I have started a book in September and I have been really into it. I’ve posted the finished chapters on Wattpad, which will be linked at the bottom of this post.

I think that I’ve really always liked writing; I just never knew what I was capable of.

Wattpad Update – Chapter 10: HERE

QOTD: What is your favorite book?
AOTD: As of right now, I’m reading The Selection and I’m in love! I can’t wait to read all of the books in the series!




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