Which Art Supplies Should I Buy?

I know that there are a lot a artists out there who are wondering which brand of art supplies they should buy that costs a reasonable price. Because we all know that there are a lot of art kits that are way too expensive and aren’t even that good.

Pencils For drawing sketches, drawings without color, or anything else I might want to use them for, I use mechanical pencils. I like them better than your classic, everyday, pencil because you don’t have to sharpen them every four seconds if you’re doing a lot of shading or filling in.

Colored Pencils I use the Crayola colored pencils, and they work fabulously. Plus, they’re reasonably priced! I mean, most parents buy this brand for their young children. If you go for the cheapest, Rose Art is what’s there (or maybe some off-brand one that no one has heard of). Rose Art isn’t the best when it comes to colored pencils, but it is cheaper than Crayola, if you want to save a few dollars. I wouldn’t recommend Rose Art supplies, just because they aren’t easy to draw with; they don’t glide on the paper as easy as Crayola. Also, if you want a lot of different colors, buy a huge pack of the Crayola colored pencils (that’s what I did).

Paint Brushes Really, any brand of paint brushes will work. As long as they don’t shed or fall apart.

Water Color I’m not very good at it, but I’ve been trying recently. You see, whatever brand or kind of art supplies that we have at home, is what I’ll use. And, we happened to have the super cheap water color set that our old online school sent us. It worked great, but there just weren’t very many colors. If you’re looking for different colors, I’d suggest looking at Hobby Lobby or online to get some reviews.

Acrylic Paint Since I don’t paint very often, I’ve had the same paint for five years. Crayola has some, but they don’t have many colors. But really, any brand of paint is good unless it doesn’t last long and becomes clumpy.

Drawing Paper Let me just save you all the time and say this: any paper that you want to use, will most likely be good paper. You can use printer paper or fancy, expensive paper (which is not highly recommended since you can just use printer paper). Although, I just use whatever kind of paper I can find; which is usually just some cheap paper that our old online school sent us. Now that I think of it, I use a lot of the art supplies that they sent us.

Painting Paper/Canvases Any kind of canvas is good to use, as long as it’s not supper thin. In that case, the paint might leak through. For papers, any kind of thick painting paper you can buy almost anywhere, would be good. It can be the cheap stuff and it would still work.

Thank you all for being so patient with me! I forgot to blog on Saturday since one of my friends came over. If it makes it any better, I forgot to update on Wattpad too.

QOTD: What things do you like to draw or paint?
AOTD: I like to draw people. Just their faces though, because I’m quite bad at drawing bodies. I also like drawing Disney characters and famous cartoon characters; Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.




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