40 of My Favorite Things.

I know that this is sort of late, but here’s a short list of my favorite things!

(This isn’t in any particular order.)

  1. Blueberry bagels with cream cheese
  2. The color aqua
  3. Soft blankets
  4. Shirts with long sleeves
  5. Sleeping in
  6. Loud music
  7. The color white
  8. But also black
  9. Pink roses
  10. Kiwi watermelon iced tea
  11. Simple bracelets
  12. Sourdough bread
  13. The morning
  14. Cute dresses
  15. But also jeans
  16. Strawberries
  17. Angel food cake
  18. And strawberries on top of angel food cake
  19. The smell of cookies baking
  20. Picnics
  21. Headphones that block out sound
  22. Staying up late
  23. Cookiedough and cookidough icecream
  24. When the sun makes the room have great lighting
  25. When people like the same music as me
  26. Running my hands through grass
  27. Outside in general
  28. Coffee shops even though I don’t like coffee
  29. Breakfast
  30. Pillows
  31. A clear blue sky
  32. But also clouds
  33. Baking
  34. Laying on the couch
  35. Warm weather
  36. But also cold when you can drink hot chocolate
  37. Christmas
  38. Snow
  39. Milk chocolate
  40. Anything sweet

Thanks for reading! Give me some feedback and tell me what you thought of this post!

Wattpad Update-Chapter 11: HERE

QOTD: Is it raining where you are?
AOTD: It is where I am! Our power went out for about ten seconds; luckily it’s still pretty light outside so we don’t have to worry about it being too dark. But, it seems to be dying down a little.


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