Raising a Happy Hedgehog | Hedgie Land

I know I didn’t post on Saturday, but that’s okay. Today’s post will be about raising a happy hedgehog!

  • Clean her cage! If your hedgie is a little grumpy, start off by cleaning her cage! No one wants to live in filth, and neither does your hedgehog!
  • Playtime! Playtime is a great way to bond with your hedgie and bring up her mood a little. Give her a few little balls and an empty toilet paper roll (Zelda loves those) and she’ll be playing in no time!
  • Exploring the outdoors! This works very well in bringing up Zelda’s mood. Bring your hedgie outside in the grass, and let her run around an explore. Don’t bring out anything that she can sleep under or in, or else she won’t want to explore; just sleep. If your hedgie is extra stubborn, she might dig in the dirt if it’s soft enough. Zelda loves to dig in the grass and sniff around. Plus, this is great exercise!
  • Bath time! Some hedgehogs loves bath time, Zelda not being one of them. But, I’m sure a bath will lighten your hedgie’s mood a little. Make sure not to bathe her more than twice a month, or her skin will become dry.
  • Rearrange her cage! Some hedgehogs like a little change here and there, so rearranging her cage would do. Zelda started sleeping underneath the liner on the opposite side of the cage where her bed wasn’t. I put her blankets where she liked sleeping, and she started sleeping in the blankets instead. So, if your hedgie is doing something like that, a little change in their cage might make her happier.
  • New toys! Hedgehogs get excited about new things, too! Give your hedgie a new sleeping bag, hut, or other things to get her mood up!
  • Exercise! Your hedgehog needs exercise to stay fit! Obesity is common in hedgehogs who don’t exercise, so the key is to invest in a wheel! Hedgehogs love running, so this is a great way to keep your spiky one fit. I love my silent metal wheel. The only downside, is that it can start to squeak if you clean your wheel under water (which is what I do). But there’s an easy fix; oil!

If you have anything else to add to this list, don’t be afraid to comment below! I’d also love to get some feedback from you guys! Thanks for reading!

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