Brutally Honest | Poem

Written by Aspen M. Varela

Staring up at the gorgeous blue sky,
Wondering what it would be like,
To travel the world.
Enjoying every second,
Taking in every breath,
Unaware of the horrors coming behind me.

They yank me and pull me,
Begging me to give up.
I refused and still held on.
They wouldn’t let me go;
They kept on and on.
With my last tug of strength,
They got me and threw me in the back of their truck.

They imprisoned me in a noisy place,
Filled with the others they captured.
They told me they were waiting;
I didn’t know what for.

Someone grabbed out to my neighbor,
And forced him into a cage filled with other prisoners.
No one tried to stop them;
They just stared and waited.

They grabbed out to me,
I screamed for help but no one listened.
I was forced into a cage with other prisoners.
I cried out for help,
But no one cared.

They placed me on a cliff,
For who knows what reason.
The others said they were waiting,
But I still didn’t understand.

They grabbed me and forced me to sit.
I yelled out for help,
But no one bothered.
I saw a pool of boiling water,
And knew who it was for.

They forced us to take off our clothes;
For who knows what reason.
The others did without hesitation,
But I wasn’t too sure.

They forced us into the hot water;
No one screamed;
No one yelled.
They all did as they were told.
One by one, we were dropped into the hot water.

The heat;
Cooking us alive.
I finally understood the waiting.
They waited for the end of their lives.

And that was the start,
And the end,
Of the brutally honest life of a potato.

You’re welcome, internet, for giving you such a great poem. Yes, I wrote this; yes, I know I’m a poetic genius. It may seem deep and depressing throughout the poem, but really, it’s just a potato doing its thing. Also, this poem was written as a joke, so please don’t take it seriously.

QOTD: What’s your favorite poem?


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