One year update! | Hedgie Land

Zelda Grace Hufflepuff turned a year old at the end of last month. I thought it would be a cute idea to give you guys a one year update!


  • Good shape: not overweight, not underweight
  • Loves to run on her wheel
  • Loves to walk on my hands
  • Doesn’t like to be held
  • Usually pretty grumpy
  • Favorite spot to sleep is under the liner, sometimes in her little house
  • Loves running in the grass
  • Favorite toy is a toilet paper tube
  • Doesn’t like taking pictures
  • Good eating and drinking habits
  • Loves climbing on my legs with I’m sitting down
  • Doesn’t like to be pet unless eating or walking


Blurry, but still cute.

Zedla is one grumpy girl! And she has been since the day I got her. Although, I can really tell that she acknowledges me. I mean, when I rattle her food inside of the plastic cup I usually store it in in my bedroom, she hears it and crawls out of her blanket-bed. The rattling noise means mealtime!

Every night before mealtime, I call for her and she responds with a huff or two. She’s usually very grumpy when she first wakes up. But, at least she knows her name!

I’ve bathed her a total of two times, and she has shown a great fear of water. The first time I bathed her, she was terrified of the water. After a while, she was walking around in it without no problem. The second time I bathed her, I used the sink and only filled it up enough to clean her feet. So, it really wasn’t much of a bath. But, she was also terrified of that.

I’ve introduced her to a few different kinds of food, but she seems to only be interesting in her, probably, bland cat food. I’ve tried strawberries, meal-worms, and apples. After trying strawberries a second time, she seemed to nibble on the tiny corners of the cut-up strawberries. But she’d never eat all of it. I know hedgehogs need a variety of different things in their diets, but she doesn’t seem to show interest.

If she’s awake in her cage and I mess with or move something around, she will get curious and prance over to check it out. I’ve noticed that the more freedom she gets when roaming outside, the more curious she gets inside her cage. I’m quite happy with that!

New Tan 100%


There’s not much else to say! She mostly sleeps when I’m awake, so I don’t get to see her very often, unless I take her out for mealtime or sometimes during the day for playtime in the grass. I don’t usually let her roam around in my bedroom, but I’m thinking about starting that. I just wish she’d let me litter train her.

QOTD: Have you ever owned a weird pet? If so, what was it? If not, what kind of animal do you want to own?


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