Travel Diary | Oct. 2016

Hi, guys! I know I haven’t blogged in forever, but that’s because I’ve been super busy with school and other things. I took at two and a half week long road trip with my family and we visited a bunch of different states! Because that trip was so eventful, I decided that it would be a great idea to make a travel diary about it! I took many pictures for you all to see, and I hope you enjoy them!

*Any extra pictures will be visible for view at the bottom of this post. You can also see some of these pictures on my Instagram.

Friday Oct. 7th, 2016

We got up bright and early to start our road trip. We were supposed to leave the day before, but there were some complications. Our first stop was Louisiana to visit my grandparents.We stayed there until the Sunday the 9th, then we headed to New Orleans.

Sunday Oct. 9th, 2016

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. There’s jazz music playing on every corner, and there’s horse carriages roaming the streets with the cars. We used to visit that city all the time when we lived in Louisiana, as we only lived forty minutes away. The zoo and aquarium there is really fun, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to visit.

We ate at this little restaurant located on the Riverwalk called Crazy Lobster. I ordered a shrimp po-boy, and split it with my dad. It was really good, and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you’re in town. The meal was quite large and I don’t think I could’ve ever eaten it by myself.

Monday Oct. 10, 2016

By this time, we were in North Carolina. We decided to stop in Lexington to get some barbecue. We’ve been to every major barbecue state, so we decided to try some there too. We went to this restaurant called Lexington Barbecue. We ordered pulled pork since that’s what we like best. We weren’t a huge fan of the barbecue, but it wasn’t because of the restaurant. We just didn’t like the style of the barbecue. It had too much of a vinegar taste for our liking. Other than that, the restaurant was top quality. After that, we headed out and drove straight through North Carolina.

Tuesday Oct. 11, 2016

Our next stop was Virginia. We decided to learn a little about our history, and visit Colonial Williamsburg. It was pretty fun! The people who worked there were all dressed up in colonial clothing and they talked in British accents. There were horse carriages roaming the little streets. At one point, we were trying to leave but we couldn’t find our way back to the parking lot. A horse carriage was passing us at that moment and I overheard the carriage driver tell his passengers which direction the visitors center was. I said, “Thanks, ye old dude.” He didn’t hear me but my mom laughed.

I really enjoyed that little town. I loved learning about how people back then lived. I would’ve loved to enter the houses, but sadly you needed tickets to enter and they were very expensive for our large family.

For dinner, we went to this cute little pizza place called Anna’s Brick Oven in Williamsburg. We were given a private room, since it was later at night after dinner.

Wednesday Oct. 12, 2016*

We spent the night in Virginia, and ate lunch at Panera Bread. I ordered an Italian sandwich, I think it was called. It was really good.

That afternoon, we made it to Maryland. We took the subway from Maryland, to Washington D.C. since we didn’t want to drive in the city. We visited Capital Hill first. We took many pictures of the building and the surrounding area.

The Supreme Court was next. It was very fancy inside. All the floors were made of marble, and everything was shiny. I was scared I would slip on the stairs because of how shiny they were. Luckily I didn’t though. Cooper found a little pebble in his shoe while we were there. He said it was his “Supreme Court rock.” He carried it around throughout the whole day.

Next, we visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. There was a lot to do and see there. We spent well over two hours there. There were a lot of different exhibits and I thought it was very fun.

The Lincoln Memorial was a very popular spot.There’s stairs leading up to the memorial, and there were people sitting all along them. I was able to get a few photos without any people in them (which takes skill). We hung out there for a while since there was a ton of shade to block us from the sun.

The White House was also a very popular spot. There’s a fence surrounding the building and people were all lined up around it. Everyone was trying to get pictures of the front of the building, and it was very hard to get one without any people in it. We didn’t spend very long there, since it was quite crowded and there wasn’t much to do.

After that, we we to the National Museum of Natural History, which is the Night At The Museum museum. It was very fancy! We spent a long time there as there was a lot to look at. We didn’t get to look at everything thoroughly, since we wanted to see as much of the museum as possible before we had to leave. I would definitely recommend visiting the museum if you’re in town.

For dinner back in Maryland, we just had Chinese takeout brought to our hotel room. I know, very fancy. 😉 We walked somewhere between 8 and 10 miles that day in D.C. My legs were sore for days after!

Thursday Oct. 13, 2016


We didn’t do much this day. We only walked around a little (we didn’t want to walk very much because we were still sore!) and decided to eat lunch in D.C. I’m not sure what the street name was, but there was a line of food trucks on the side of this road. It was very cool to see. We decided to get tacos from one of the food trucks. I got a chicken quesadilla and it was really good. I’m not sure what the name of that food truck was called, and I wish I did because I would’ve recommended it to you guys.

Friday Oct. 14, 2016*

Our next stop was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We saw the Liberty Bell, but sadly I didn’t get a picture of it. There were way too many people there.

We walked around Philly for a while, then decided that we were hungry. We found a place called Sonny’s Famous Cheesestakes and Burgers. What better thing to eat in Philly, than a Philly cheesestake?! By the way, it was unbelievably good. I don’t even like stake very much, but I loved this. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in town!

We weren’t able to tour the Independence Hall since we had to buy tickets and they were all sold out.

We also went to the Second National Bank. There are a bunch of paintings of presidents and famous people there. We only looked around for a short time before leaving.

We moved on to New Jersey after that. We were only there for Six Flags basically, but of course it’s Fright Fest season. So the scary people are out trying to scare you. We stayed until about 10pm. It was really cold, and all of us were in shorts because we didn’t know it was going to be so cold.

Saturday Oct. 15, 2016

We stayed at six flags almost all day. I road the tallest rollercoast in the U.S. called the Kingda Ka, and I went on the tallest drop ride in the world, called the Zumanjaro! My little nine year old brother road the Zumanjaro too!

Once Fright Fest started, it was very crowded. There were lines everywhere and it was very hard to get around the park. We decided to leave then.

For dinner, we had Cracker Barrel in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. I ordered the mac & cheese, because it’s so good there.

Sunday Oct. 16, 2016*

Okay, before I start, I have to tell you guys something I learned this day. I learned that The Statue of Liberty isn’t, in fact, in New York; it’s in New Jersey. But, it is a territory of New York. I just think that’s weird.

Anyways, it was around 12pm when we got to New York. We of course wanted to see The Statue of Liberty up close, so we decided to take the ferry. I was kind of terrified of getting on a boat, to be honest. Every time it rocked, I’d freak out a little.

Our first stop on our ferry ride, was Ellis Island. We walked around the building there for a short while, before leaving to get back on the ferry.

Once we got to Liberty Island, we walked around The Statue of Liberty and took quite a few pictures. There really isn’t much to talk about that.

We made the mistake of driving in NYC. Traffic there was way worse than I ever imagined it would be, and there actually a ton of people honking. Tip: don’t drive in NYC…

We finally got our car parked, and it was very close to Times Square. We walked around to find a pizza place, because you can’t go to NYC and not get pizza… I mean come on. We settled on a pizza place called Famous Pizza. It was really good.

We walked around Times Square for a while before finding another pizza place that we were going to try originally. We decided to get one slice and all try it to see if it was any better. This pizza place was called Slice of New York. It was very good, and I would definitely recommend it. We also got cannolis there, which are always a win.

That was about it for NYC. It was very eventful, but we only stayed about two hours.

Monday Oct. 17, 2016

We continued our road trip by visiting New Hampshire. There was a little town called Keene, and it was the cutest! The trees were really bright and colorful and the houses were so small and cute. I’d definitely consider living there one day. We didn’t do much in New Hampshire, but we continued on to Maine.

Once we reached Maine, we went to a restaurant called Warren’s Lobster House and Cooper and I split a lobster mac & cheese. I liked it. We didn’t do much in Maine either.

Tuesday Oct. 18, 2016

We came back through New York that day, and decided to visit the New York side of Niagara Falls. It was very pretty! I enjoyed my time there. The only downside, was the amount of wind there. Even in the parking lot a few blocks away, it was hard to stand still because of the amount of wind. The closer to the falls you got, the windier it got. Once next to the falls, you could even feel some mist being blown at you by the wind. Tip: don’t wear your hair down when you visit Niagara Falls.

For lunch, we ate at Primanti Brothers. It’s a very unique sandwich restaurant. They put coleslaw and fries in the sandwiches. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and it was quite good. I could do without the fries though, as they were a bit overpowering. Then again, I’m not a huge fan of plain fries; I have to have something to dip them in (ketchup isn’t one of my favorites, but if it’s the only thing I can dip them in, I’ll eat it). This restaurant was in Erie, Pennsylvania.

After lunch, we headed over to my aunts house. We stayed for dinner. They ordered pizza, and it was probably the best pizza I’d every had. I’m not sure which pizza place it was from, but it was good.

Wednesday Oct. 19, 2016

There isn’t much to say about this day. We were just driving through. We decided to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel in Charleston, West Virginia. I ordered french toast. Yeah, there isn’t really very much to say about that.

Thursday Oct. 20, 2016


We were driving through Tennessee and decided to make a stop in Memphis. We ate at this place called Central BBQ. They have the best barbecue in the country! It’s really good! Every time we go on a major road trip around that area, we always have to stop there. I definitely recommend checking it out!

By the time dinner came around, we were already back in Texas! We stopped for some pizza at Luigi’s Italian Cafe in Dallas. We just got some classic pepperoni pizza.

We finally arrived home at 11pm, and I watched Melanie Martinez’s live concert on the floor of my roomwith Zelda until 1am. It was quite an eventful night, if I do say so myself.

I really enjoyed this trip, and it was very educational too. I’ve been to 47 states so far, and I only have 3 left! Even my six year old little brother only has 3 left! We only have Washington, North Dakota, and Hawaii left. We’re hoping to save Hawaii for our 50th state.

Extra pictures!

Washington, D.C.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Yes, I changed my website layout! I decided that it was too hard to navigate and it needed to be changed. I hope you guys like the new look! 😀

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