Did I Move Again?

I feel like every opening to all of my posts have me apologizing for not posting recently. Let’s change that, shall we?

But, no, seriously. The reason why I haven’t been on here, is because I… moved! Didn’t I just move to Texas? Yep. Last year, to be exact. But, my dad got a job offer so we had to move again.

I didn’t want to move, considering that I have close friends there and I was also in a band. We only had three band members and two of us moved, so we pretty much broke up. But it was definitely fun while it lasted.

Okay, okay. I’ll tell you where I moved already! CALI…..Virginia. It’s Virginia. Haha you thought I was going to say California. Jokes on you! Virginia is really pretty and there’s lots of trees and hills. People say they’re “mountains,” but they clearly haven’t seen Colorado’s mountains. 😉

I was almost not able to keep Zelda, my hedgehog if you didn’t already know. There’s a county that doesn’t allow hedgehogs to be kept as pets, and we were almost going to live there. Of course I wasn’t too happy about that, considering I love my grumpy Zelly. But luckily, we’re probably not going to live in that county anymore. YAY!

We’re still house hunting here, but we’re currently housed in an apartment on the 20th floor until we’re able to move into a house. Luckily there’s elevators. Just saying. We’ve only been in this apartment for a little over a week, but it seems like forever.

There’s a subway station right under our apartment building, and we’re probably going to take it into D.C. tomorrow. We wanted to go today, but by the time we got back from our day exploring our possibly new house’s town, it was already almost 5pm. We went there last October, I think, and we’ve already done a lot. But, I really want to go to the zoo there, since I’m a sucker for zoos. And animals. Anyways, I’m hoping we go tomorrow!

I’ve been spending the last week doing biology homework, playing the Sims 4, listening to music, and spending a lot more time than I need to scrolling through social media. But, hey. At least it passes the time.


I hope you guys liked this random post and I hope you found it at least slightly entertaining or humorous. Feel free to comment to tell me if you liked it or if it made you laugh! Also, feel free to also comment about what you want me to write about!

QOTD: What’s your favorite video game(s)?


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