Which Sims 4 DLC do I have? | Video Games/Review

Hey, guys! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about TS4, so I decided to chat it up. Recently, I bought three new DLC: a game pack, an expansion pack, and a stuff pack. DLC adds fun extras to a game and makes it even better, I think.

There’s a new game pack coming out on the 30th, I believe, called “Parenthood” and I’m kind of excited for it. Although, I haven’t looked into it much, it seems pretty cool.

Outdoor Retreat

The game pack I have is Outdoor Retreat, and I’m pretty happy with it. I was extremely excited to try it out when I bought it, considering it seemed like a petty cool addition to the game.

While camping, there isn’t much to do outside of your campsite or cabin, unless you like going on “hikes” around the campground or want to go exploring in the woods (which I haven’t done much of). You can also talk to other campers who are walking around the campground, if you’re into socializing. The park ranger will usually come to your campsite or cabin to sort of welcome you to the campground. But you can obviously refuse to talk to him if you don’t want to.

There’s only one campsite to choose from, but there’s a bathroom not too far away where you also have the option to shower. And not too far from the bathrooms, there’s a park ranger station, where you can buy camping supplies, such as tents, camping chairs, coolers, lanterns, ect.

While at your campsite, it’s very relaxed. I don’t feel the need to micromanage my sims since they’re all in a small area. If you have more than a few sims, being at your campsite is like a party all the time. There’s lots of talking and playing games, and no one is ever bored. Although, I do wish that there were more things to do at your campsite. Playing horseshoes and card games can get a little boring.

Campsites are §111 per day, but cabins range in different prices. I haven’t rented a cabin yet, but I can imagine that they’re just as fun!

I definitely recommend this game pack! There’s lots of different things to check out and explore, plus there’s new hairstyles, clothes, and furniture!

City Living

The expansion pack that I have is City Living, and it’s actually pretty cool! I was excited for this expansion pack, specifically for the apartments. I know there was an expansion pack in TS3 that had apartments, but I can’t remember which one. There are so many different things to explore in this expansion pack. There’s flea markets and festivals to attend. I haven’t gone to many of them yet, but I have gone to a flea market and one festival called the Spice Festival. I decided to try the spicy food there, since it seemed a bit interesting. It turns out, your sim has to build up a tolerance to spicy food in order to not gain negative moodlets from eating it. But once you eat a certain food at a festival, you’ll be able to cook it at home!

There are plenty of apartments to choose from, and even a few two story ones and penthouses! Although, you can’t build your own apartment, you can decorate it, which is close enough. There’s new great furniture to decorate your apartment with, and new clothes and hairstyles to style your sims with.

The one thing I don’t like, is how your neighbors can be loud and your sims won’t be able to sleep. You’ll have to pound on their door and tell them to turn down their music or keep quiet so you can sleep. And it just so happens to occur, right before my sims are about to go to sleep. It’s kind of annoying, but in general, I think the expansion pack was worth it, and I recommend it.

Movie Hangout Stuff

The stuff pack I have is Movie Hangout Stuff, and I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a very small pack, but it allows you to watch movies on any tv (a large movie screen is added). My favorite part of the whole pack, is the popcorn popper (which is funny because I don’t like popcorn). You can make different kinds of popcorn, based on your cooking skill. Up to 8 people can eat from one batch of popcorn. So, if you have more than 8 people at your house watching a movie, you’d have to make two batches. 😉

I kind of wish that there was an option in the event planer to plan a movie night, but there isn’t. You have to just invite a group of people over instead. Although, my families are usually big enough to have just them have a movie night together.

In addition to the popcorn popper, there are other objects that were added to this pack. There’s new couches, rugs, curtains, chairs, ect.

This stuff pack is fun, but I was expecting a lot more out of it. I do still think it was worth it, and if you think you’d like it, then you should get it!

Thanks for reading! What do you want me to write next? Leave a comment telling me what my next post should be!

What are your opinions on the three DLC I have? Let me know what you think!


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