Top 10 of my favorite states to visit | Blog

Hi, guys! Today, I’m going to give you a list of some of my favorite states to visit! I’ve been to almost all 50 states, as I’m only missing Washington, Hawaii, and North Dakota. What’s crazy is that my 7 year old little brother has been to all the same states I have!

10. Minnesota – because of Mall Of America. I’ve only been there once, but it was pretty fun when I went.
9. Maine – because of the sea food and ocean views. The sea food was definitely really good.
Tennessee – because of the mountains and barbecue. I’ve been a few times, and each time was really nice.
7. New Mexico – because of the mountains.
6. New Hampshire – because of the huge amount of trees everywhere (great in the fall).
5. Texas – because… I’m not sure. I just like it there.
4. California – because of Disneyland.
3. Florida – because of Disneyworld. 😛
2. Utah – because of Arches National Park.
1. Colorado – because of the mountains and the snow.

My favorite state is Colorado, as it’s very pretty. I only lived there for a few years, but I’ll definitely be going back to visit in the future.

Where’s your favorite place to visit?

Don’t forget to like if you see a state you’ve been to before!

I hope you enjoyed reading!


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