Why it’s unfair that women’s and girl’s pants don’t have bigger pockets, and why more dresses need them. | Blog

Hey, guys! Yesterday, I was brainstorming ideas for an essay I’m going to write for English, and I came up with a pretty good one. It was so good that I decided to make a post about it! Enjoy! 🙂


If you shop in the women’s and girl’s sections in clothing stores, you know the long-time struggle of the incredibly tiny pockets. It’s extremely annoying at times; especially when you need to put something in your pocket and you go to do that, but then realize that not even your hand can fit in your pocket (Look at that picture I found on Google! Not even her knuckles can fit into her pocket!) And even worse: when you have fake pockets. Honestly, what’s the point? I mean, jeans without pockets do look kind of weird, but is it really that much more work to actually make a real pocket instead of making a fake one? (Seriously, I have no idea. Enlighten me in the comments, please.)

I get it why they make our pockets so small, and that reason is because then they can sell us purses and bags. But sometimes, you don’t really feel like tugging around a huge purse (and yes, it needs to be big for the amount of stuff we have to carry around, such as a phone, wallet, keys, feminine hygiene products, sometimes chapstick, and other products. And last time I checked, most men don’t need to carry around feminine hygiene products.)

Men’s pockets, on the other hand, can carry much more. I mean, they can fit their phone, wallet, keys, a candy bar, a water bottle, a 12″ Subway sandwich, and probably more (I’m kidding, but the reality isn’t too far off 😉 ) While women’t pockets can’t even fit their hand?! How is that fair? It isn’t. I mean, women still have their back pockets, but all they fit is their phone. And when you sit down, there’s a chance that it’ll fall out… onto the floor… and maybe crack. So, that’s why I always take my phone out of my back pocket when I sit down.

While on the topic of pockets, let’s talk about dresses. As you all know, dresses aren’t known for their amazing pocket (they’re not known for their pockets at all, actually). I have seen a few dresses here and there that do have pockets, but it’s a rare sighting. It would just be so much more convenient if they had pockets. I mean, I’ve gone to plenty dances where I had to leave my wrist bag on my wrist. And let me tell you, it was quite annoying. If I would’ve had pockets in my dress, I could’ve put my phone and my few dollar bills in it and it would’ve been so much more comfortable. I understand that some dresses wouldn’t look nice with pockets, but there are a lot of dresses that I own, that I definitely think would look nice even with pockets.

So, ladies, and guys, wouldn’t you think it would be a bazillion times better if women and girl’s had reasonable sized pockets? Please tell me you agree… or this would be kind of awkward. 😉

Also, if any of you ladies have a pair of pants from a particular company with good sized pockets, let me know! I could use some. 🙂

Comment what your favorite brand of pants are! I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading!


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